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root mcu1 all firmware 
root mcu2 model 3 all firmware 

tesla root on your private vps server

you will be able control your tesla 

if your car does not have working certificates
you need to make root and connect to vps 

ROOT mcu 1 tegra:
2018 firmware connect special cable
2019 firmware connect special cable

special cable is Fakra lan 

HOW TO ROOT mcu 1 tegra 
on latest firmware:

Install tegra RCM ubuntu

Connect CID Diag LAN port to computer LAN and CID RCM USB port to computer USB
Power on MCU, check that Nvidia RCM USB device is appeared in linux and wait till GW fully boots ~2 min

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HOW TO ROOT Tesla mcu2 model 3:

from 2017 to 05.2020 date of manufacture

information on how to read and write bios on model 3

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