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Installation instruction
Tesla toolbox 2.1 Tegra INTEL 2022

For install, you need to reinstall windows 10 with username Tesla;
After this installation toolbox with anydesk program

recommend laptop on Intel

at least core 2 duo 4gb ram120 gb ss 

on a laptop should not be important information!

old manual 2021

will be needed 2 usb flash drives 16gb 

first (boot) you need to format fat32

second USB flash drive need format to ntfs

the second USB flash drive copy image 13GB


folder on the second Ntfs flash drive:

VeeamBackup folder

within folder VeeamBackup ENGteslatoolboxVEEAM folder

inside the folder ENGteslatoolboxVEEAM 2 files:




Program for the preparation first bootable USB drive:

Ultra iso install to your laptop

Veeam recovery media iso download to your laptop


Open the VeeamRecoveryMedia.iso image in the UltraISO program



Video how to prepare the first USB

you need to boot from the first flash drive on the laptop by holding f9 or f12 button

Choose legacy boot usb flash drive (not uefi)

after loading, insert 2 flash drive with 13 gb image

restore the image according to the instructions:

after image recovery you will start windows and the toolbox will be on the desktop 

for the program to work, you must activate factory mode on your car

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