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Tesla Toolbox buy for model s x Tegra
Tesla Toolbox 2021
2.1 offline version

Tesla Toolbox: Complete Tesla Car Service Diagnostics

works for tesla model S X tegra

for work you will need:
fakra lan cable
usb to lan cable
tesla on tegra 

for diagnostics model s x
for tegra configuration
for factory mode tegra

Tesla Model S Model X from 2012 to February 2018 on tegra

Including: system calibrations (autopilot, door handles, steering rack, esp, air suspension.), Immobilizer reset (after engine replacement, key programming), configuration change (enabling CHAdeMO / Tesla Supercharger high-speed charging, changing the region for navigation, European lights, Spotify), bleeding the cooling system air, bleeding the brake system, programming keys (even if there is no key), resetting recorded errors (BMS, replacing contactors, air suspension)

This mode works on all Tesla Model S / X 2012-2018, however Toolbox will only work with it on cars manufactured before 02/18

In Factory Mode, the following Tesla repair and service operations are available:

Diagnostics with removal of electronics errors
Disabling Valet Mode
Calibrating sensors
High voltage battery diagnostics
Electronic key binding
Diagnostics and configuration of wireless connections
(4G, WI-FI, Bluetooth, radio)
Setting up the climate control

Tesla toolbox 2.1 Tegra
Installation instructions

Download and Install VMware.Workstation.16.Pro

when installing, select the language 
VMware.Workstation.16.Pro only works on windows 10
If you have a mac then download Vmware Fusion

Download a fully customized windows 10 pro + Tesla toolbox 2.1
ask toolbox 2.1 price: t.me/xboxoneboss1

After you have installed and downloaded the finished image, launch the VMware.Workstation.16.Pro program, click the Open virtual machine button or open the virtual machine and specify the folder where to install the image and wait for the launch

always press Suspend 

Connect Fakra lan wire in tesla under small screen CID

For factory mode:

1. remove the small side panel just behind the driver's side door.
This gives us access to the small white connector that can be seen in the photo:

This is not the wire we want!

2. Remove the bottom piece of the panel

Then remove the large piece of dashboard under the steering wheel. She's on 9 snaps

3. Remove the airflow grilles

screw on the large panel that covers the dashboard to get to the bolts that hold the ventilation grilles. When disassembling the front panel, be careful not to bend anything while trying to remove it and gain access to the two screws. After that, it remains only to remove the dashboard cover and pull out the airflow grilles.

4. Remove the dashboard

The dashboard also needs to be removed. To do this, you need to lift the top cover to get to two
top bolts.

And here's our golden pass: another connector.
This is the cable leading to the touch screen (CID).

How to disassemble instrument cluster


you need to disconnect the cable from the dashboard and connect the fakra lan cable there.

This will put the machine into Factory Mode.

Network cable from Fakra to an adapter to usb and usb to a laptop

Disable wifi on laptop

Configure adapter network address (black in picture)
you need to register the ip address and the mask

You will have a different name (It all depends on the manufacturer of the usb to lan board)
Go to the device manager and you need to check that the driver is installed
Go to the Network and Sharing Center

Change adapter settings

Right click properties

OK button
Install Curl library in main and virtual windows



Start execute cmd and press Enter

Run the Factory Mode script

curl -s
Start Vmware Workstation again

press resume this virtual machine
resume virtual machine

Double-click the Tesla Toolbox shortcut from the desktop

Without activating Factory Mode, you cannot do anything in the program
As soon as Factory Mode appears on the screen of your car, you can diagnose

Exit Factory Mode on the screen of your car with the button at the top
Factory Mode does not crash when restarting a car

If you have questions or something does not work out then download ANYDESK
and inform in telegram your access code for internet help with ANYDESK
the program does not need to be installed
it is enough to start the program and report the numbers (this is a workplace)



sepa transfer

ask toolbox 2.1 price:

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