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tesla model 3 nfc key programmer 

tesla model 3 Y
firmware key card
if there is no key card

method works on model 3 Y
with a release date before May 2021

new method 2022

no need to solder anything
no need to dismount anything
everything is done via can bus

To work, you need Peak Pcan usb adapter and a can adapter

Peak Pcan usb adapter

Can adapter
two wires are connected to the car: can H can L
for work, the program is used under windows 10


you can buy this program
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old method 2021

  • need to disassemble
  • need to solder
  • you need to edit the dump

Block of interaction with electronic key SECURITY CONTROLLER Tesla model 3 1100241-00-G

What to do if your tesla model 3 arrived without keys, but there were keys in the description of the lot at the auction.
In order to flash new keys to model 3, you need to make a clone of the original key.
To do this, you need to subtract the secutiry block for information about the old key.

clone keys sometimes crash after updates.
Therefore, you need to make a clone of the key prescribed in the car, and then use this clone to add a clean key to the Tesla.
With this algorithm, the clean key will fly to the server as correctly added, and the clone must be removed from the system.

To get to the block, carefully pull out the cup holder. It just sits on clips.

Then we pick out the block in order to read and program a temporary key from it using the programmer
With the help of a temporary key, we add an already clean key through the Tesla screen.

Adding an "honest" key is done using the standard menu on the auto screen. Normally.

Connect the car to WIFI and wait for the update to arrive.

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